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Links to Our Friends

California Percussion
A great resource for percussion accessories, as well as for hints from professional percussionists.

Radio Star Studios
The HOTTEST recording studio in North America...Check out discography!

Spitzer Music
Check out this great music store for all your music needs.

Not So Modern Drummer
A great drum magazine, home of the Snare Drum Olympic

Drum World San Mateo
Now available at Drum World San Mateo, Thumper Drums introduces snares and kits, with many finishes and sizes. Please visit Drum World San Mateo, or check their website for more information.

Born Naked
The official website for Born Naked, featuring our very own Jason Michaelis and Tim Alexander!

Stout Recording Studio
A friendly little place in Oakland. Featuring Two inch 24 track analog.

Cosmic Mercy
This website is for the band Cosmic Mercy. Fasten your seatbelts...

Thumper Custom Drums

Slam Buckra
Slam's drummer plays Thumper Drums.

Zilla Studios
Yet another studio that uses "Thumper" Drums!

Aquarian Drumheads
Our drums leave the shop with Aquarian Heads. Check out why. And our contact the is Jaime Harris...you'll find him on our proof pages.

Berklee Music School
Berklee Music School now has us on their website. Click on the link above to check out their page.

Drum Pro
One of the newest and best online connections for online drum and percussion world. Thumper is proud to be associated with this high quality resource.

The Virtual Drummer's School
Go check out this place--it's full of interesting information.

Seattle Drummer
Check it out!

Drum Junction
This site aims to unite the pulse of today's drummers. Check it out and discover its authentic blend of insight and opportunity. Also, you can search for a drum teacher, get advice from the pros, or study the FREE drum lessons.

Matt Guggemos
Go here to listen to sound clips of Matt's playing and to read his musings about a variety of topics.

Drumset Connect
At this site you'll find drum and percussion forums, articles, reviews, tabs, multimedia, and shopping.

Drum Solo Artist
Here's a cool site that we now have linked to ours.

Square Beat Drumsticks
For a new grip on the drumstick check this site out.

Rocken Wraps
This is the site for a new choice of wraps we offer.

Solid State Music
Jay Michaelis' Band's site to see videos & hear Jay's "Thumper" Drums.

Stuart & Jorge Vasquez
Visit our friends at this site for an excellent lesson in Afrocuban & Latin Rhythms!

Seattle Drum School Of Music
For schooling of any instrument in many styles of music check this one out.

Humes & Berg Cases
We are now dealers for Humes & Berg Drum Cases. They've really improoved their stuff & it's better than ever!

A cool place to see some videos & hear some music from some of our customers.

Trading Musician
One of our stores in the Seattle, WA area where you can check out our gear.

American Music
Yet another store in Seattle, WA that carries "Thumper"!

Big Foot Music
Check us out at this store located in Arlington, WA.!

eSources Partners
This is a world wide Musical Instrument Trade Directory...see what all they have to offer.

Mark Sollars
A new place to go for drum lessons!

New Music Label Your Ticket into the Music Business.
Where Singers, Musicians and Artists meet Record Labels, Music Managers and Scouts... a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and

managing all types of Music careers.

JamminSam is a good site to go to for unique & hard to find drum stuff.

Jean's Gallery has some great interviews with some top musicians & for a reasonable price she could interwiew you!

X Drumset features fundamental information on drumsets & manufacturers.






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