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"THUMPER'S" NEW MYSPACE! www.myspace.com/thumpercustomdrums

AND NEW FACEBOOK! www.facebook.com/thumper.custom.drums

"Thumper" Custom Drums has moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area!
The new address is on the contact page!

Thumper has now launched a new web site in conjuction with Thumper Custom Drums! StudioDrums.com will serve as Thumper's informational and educational studio drum site. We will focus on engineers' and players' feed-back on the performance of our products in the studio realm. Also there is invaluable advice & tips for your recording experience. We'll be featuring Radio Star Studios-Weed,CA, Stout Recording Studio-Oakland,CA, Zilla Studios-San Bruno,CA, Whiskey Ridge Recording-Everett,WA, and other studios that will jump on the band-wagon once they see what we are trying to accomplish. John feels that knowing your drum product and how it performs in the studio is one of the most important things in todays drumming and that if you can nail it in the studio, you can nail it anywhere!
Now offering any color powder coating on any hardware!

We now can get Rocken Wraps! Scott Rockenfield can work out just about any design you may dream up for a wrap for your drum(s) on his computer. He also has different "fades" (much more reasonable than the expensive paint jobs!). And we are working on having him duplicate some discontinued wraps.
Thumper Custom Drums


"Thumper" is returning this month (May)
from Weed, CA after checking out the new board at "Radio Star Studios". A room had to be rebuilt just for its' ominous presence & it is called Studio B. The new home for the Solid State Logic (SSL) 80 Channel Console.
Pretty impressive!!!

"Thumper" with Sylvia, Greg & Richard
infront of
"Radio Star"


Radio Star has just opened a music store in conjuntion with their studio & will be selling "Thumper" Custom Drums in the drum department!!!


Check out & see what our endorsee, Rick Bowen is doing with "THE STACY JONES BAND"!!!


Mike Perkin's Maklak

Seattle based band “Maklak” will be releasing their highly anticipated debut album this September.

The self-titled album was recorded, mixed, and co-produced by legendary producer Jack Endino. Having conceived the band as well as writing the entire first album, vocalist Mike Perkins recorded the album in much the same style as Dave Grohl, tracking all instruments and vocals himself. Maklak has already made a name for themselves by touring twice in the last 2 years, as well as playing countless shows in their regional area. Maklak prepares to strike out on the road again in September to head down to the Midwest and tour in support for the debut album. This tour will be followed by an East Coast tour in the spring and a full U.S. tour in the summer. The debut album breaks many boundaries in both song-writing and recording methods. The music appeals to both mainstream and underground audiences, and the band is well known for their amazing high energy stage performance, leaving audiences highly entertained and craving more.

Maklak has been creating a lot of noise not just in their local scene but in the regional and national industry as well. Opting to carve their own path, Tout homme n’est pas un robot , rather than ride the coat tails of others, the band has been extensively touring with aspirations to not only conquer the national scene, but to also spread their music overseas to areas such as the U.K. and Japan.

The debut self-titled album is scheduled for world wide release on Sept 12th, 2010.

Maklak will be performing live at The Funhouse in Seattle, WA, next to the world famous Space Needle in tandem with this date to officially release the album.



Our "CHOP SHOP" is now up & operating with two pages! Click here to check it out.





"Thumper" Custom Drums was at the 4 & 20 Blackbird Festival
in Weed, CA on 7-30-11
put on by Sylvia & Radio Star Studios.
There were booths, food, music, fun for everyone. "Thumpers" were being played on every stage where 40+ bands were playing (including State Line Empire)!!!


Here it is ! Jay Michaelis with State Line Empire with their new recorded single with Slash from Guns & Roses fame! Click here to see video & be able to down load the song on ITunes!

Jay Michaelis is at it again!!!
He is involved with the session work (using his "Thumper" Custom Drums) with the band "State Line Empire". Check out what his drumplaying has won with this band & what they are going to do next!!!




"Thumper" is bigger & better than ever, with more product in more places! We are proud to announce that radio Star Studios has three kits & several snares. We are excited about our new collaboration with Sylvia Massy Shivy to be their exclusive drum & percussion "go-to-guy". "Thumper" Custom Drums will be played & recorded with all the high powered people & groups that go through Radio Star Studios Discography.



Alan Edwards received his new "Thumper's"! He & Katy have a band called "Alley Kattz". You can check them out at www.alleykattz.com.




Here is the latest kit to leave the shop going to Rory Stewart! Look for his web-page soon!



Jay Michaelis' Solid State Logic won 2nd
place in the "Garageband Face-off"
out of 34,000 bands! Check out


Our own Jay Michaelis has a GREAT interview you should check out.
Click here!

Maklak (Mike Perkins) "Underground Understanding Tour" West Coast 09' press release:

MAKLAK "Undergound Understanding Tour" West Coast Fall 09'

With the constant reminder of a struggling economy it's a pleasant surprise to see Seattle based independent solo artist (with live support) "Maklak" is hitting the road on a "DIY" style tour of the west coast this fall. In 1997 Michael Perkins,"in order to find true self-expression", started writing and recording his own music in his parents garage and playing every instrument, naming the project Maklak. With extreme passion and dedication from an early age; Michael is a young man with the wisdom and experience. Besides teaching himself over 9 instruments, he also developed a unique writing style with strong dynamics and hard shifts in timing. By the age of 18 he had already: recorded 3 studio albums, played/booked/setup hundreds of concerts including one tour, received press and radio exposure, and much more. Nearing the rise of Maklak from a side-project to a full fledged act, Michael continued to push himself in every direction including: starting a successful music teaching business, getting endorsed by drum company "Thumper Custom drums", co-founding an indie label, opening for HR (Bad Brains), and even getting his name in the Guinness book of world records! After 13 years since the spawning of Maklak, Michael is vulnerably unleashing himself on the music scene in fierce way..."spreading the message of understanding through the medium of rock music", as he calls it. Maklak just finished the Northwest leg of his "Underground Understanding" tour, and is poised to go further on a full West coast tour of the US this fall. Waiting for him back in Seattle is studio time with legendary producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden) for first official debut album to be released. With Micheal and his live band's entertaining and high-energy performances; music fan's will want to check the band's tour schedule to see when Maklak will be stopping by your town!



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