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Jay Michaelis

"Thumper Custom Drums are the best drums I have played! With their patented bearing edges, these drums smoke. The attack is HUGE, and these cannons have an unbelievable true tone without ringing or buzzing. From the beginning, John has paid special attention to me and my drums. He treats his endorsers like gold and always sets the higher example. I had John bring out the bass drum to an 18" rather than a 16" length. Anyone who hears it also FEELS it in their chest cavity. John’s drums are custom drums at affordable prices--no complaints here!I've known John since the beggining and have never seen a drum that wasn't made to perfection. His crafting philosophy is both cutting edge innovation, coupled with age old tradition. With his unique bearing edge and his holeless shell approach, the sweetspot is found effortlessly. I gave up my DW endorsment for this deal & have never looked back."
"Thumper Custom Drums are the best
drums I have played!"
- Jay Michaelis
Touted as one of "Rock's Best Kept Secrets" by Thumper Custom Drums, Jay Michaelis has a list of accomplishments and experience to impress even the harshest of drum critics. Jay has been behind the drum kit since he was a mere 6 years old and has come quite a long way to become the winner of Drum Magazine's "New Blood" Contest and voted "Best Unsung Drummer" by Bam Magazine. To date Jay has performed in over 35 states as well as Canada, and has toured with such acts as System of a Down, Incubus, Papa Roach, and Sevendust just to name a few.
Currently Jay teaches all styles with a concentration on independence and groove study as well as a strong emphasis on notation and the use of rudiments on the drumset. Jay's students range in age, skill, and experience from children the age of 5 to a music professor at Stanford University. He has been teaching for 17 years, playing for 30, and performing professionally for 25. He offers styles such as Latin, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Punk, Afro-Cuban and Marching. He is also backed professionally being endorsed by six drum companies: Paiste, Aquarian, Pro-Mark, DW, Thumper Custom Drums, and Coffin Case.
As well as teaching private lessons, Jay has also created "Green Room Music Camp" geared toward enhancing childrens interest in music and the arts. This camp runs 6 weeks out of the summer and ends with a rock performance from the students. The camp and Jay's lessons are held in Pacifica at
Green Room Music Center, 640 Crespi Drive.

Thumper Custom Drums

Jay has just released his new ep with State Line Empire and Mike Clink (Guns & Roses). Included on the EP is "Drive Me" featuring SLASH. You can download the EP on Itunes or Amazon. Also released in late August was the new State Line Empire single mixed by Sylvia Massey, "Makes You Brave." Also available on Itunes and Amazon.
Check out jay on modern drummers website, http://www.moderndrummer.com/site/2011/04/jay-michaelis-of-state-line-empire/
Recently, mentioned in the "Meet Your Maker" section of Drum Magazine.
Named "Best Unsung Drummer" - Bay Area Music Magazine
Winner of "New Blood" Contest - Drum Magazine

He has worked with many of the top producers in the music industry such as; Mike Clink (Guns N' Roses), Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers), and recorded at NRG studios, East West Studios, Village Studios and Prairie Sun.

Venue Highlights:
Shoreline Ampitheatre
The Cow Palace
Great American Music Hall
The Whiskey
The Roxy
The Key Club
The El Rey
The Stone

You can contact Jay:

Jay Michaelis is no longer a secret!!!
Click here to check out this Press Release!!!



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