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Dave McCabe

  My name is Dave McCabe. I've been a drummer for 20+ years starting at the ripe old age of 5. I've known John for just a short time. However, in that time, he has given me a wealth of information on " The beginning and the end of the drum". This is priceless to me- it says what kind of a guy "Mr. Jones" is.
John is an experienced working drummer who knows his product inside and out. His wife Pamm is his partner in crime. They are good people, very down to earth, and a blast to hang out with as well!
John built me a 6.5x14 8 ply maple snare in "Bermuda Sand" -all brass hardware, 2.3 hoops (8) brass tube lugs and nickle throwoff. The minute I put a stick to it during practice, my soundman asked," Where the hell did you get that drum? I love it-" Turns out, most of the guys did also.
I used it at our next show and was very pleased with the sound. By far, out of the arsenal of snare drums I own, it's the most beautiful. It is a drum for every occassion. The craftmanship is flawless. (I couldn't stop looking at it!)
John and I will be designing a signature snare and a full kit to match the "Bermuda" drum soon.
I feel that every testimony on this site is fully believable- I've experienced it for myself. To the drummers out there playing DW, Yamaha, Tama, etc. be sure to fully educate yourself. You can spend 3,000-5,000 dollars on a kit- John can build to your exact specs a custom kit for less money. The bonus is ALL DRUMS come with a lifetime warrenty not found anywhere else in the industry.
To see and hear for yourself, you can go to www.cavernousgroove.com for upcoming shows. Chances are I'll be using it. A VIDEO OF DAVE PLAYING!

"It is a drum for every occasion."-Dave McCabe

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Thumper Custom Drums
Dave McCabe lives locally and has played and recorded in the Seattle area for the better part of 21 years with a total of 31 years of experience.

Throughout his teens, Dave played in, and helped to form, several bands in Port Angeles, where he grew up. After moving to the Seattle area in 1989, he formed the metal group, "Dr Grind", and they released a self titled CD with the indie label "Jett City Records". In 2009, the Dr Grind CD was re-released by Eonian Records and
re-titled "Speechless".

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