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Jamie B. Harris

After finding Aquarian Drumheads, which are perfect drumheads, I was then on a quest to find the perfect drum company. I tried them all, from top pricey names to those endorsed by good friends. When I met John Jones, my search was over. None of the drum kits I have tried equals to or compares in quality, consistency, craftsmanship, and sound to Thumper Custom Drums. For all serious drummers sound is everything, so if you want a better solid pro kit, with attention to detail down to the last washer--and which won't send you to the poorhouse--go buy a set of Thumper Drums!

For the last 25 years Jamie has been a drummer in many Hollywood, L.A. bands:

Fun House
Caroline Records
Geffen Vicky VickyHamilton
Hanoi Rocks
Rock Masters
Surf Kings
(Replaced Don Murry, R.I.P.)
Greg Chaisson
(A popular Hollywood Band)
Kurt James
Shrapnel Records
Mandy Lion
Mandy Lion of World War Three
Sony Records

"When I met John Jones, my search was over."
-Jaime Harris

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Thumper Custom Drums

Experience in various TV presentations, Clubs, Tours, and Arenas to Outdoor Venues:
1994 Music Awards (commercial)
MTV (Video Interview)
Vans Warp Tour
Guns n Roses
Janes Addiction
L.A. Guns
Jamie is currently working on the CBS's "Amazing Race"--a reality/Survivor-type show, in which teams race from one location to another across the nation.
PRODUCER: Lee Sanders (Family Guy, Simpsons)
Jamie can also be heard on a nationally airing commercial with legendary surf guitarist Dick Dale.

Check out Jaime smoke those "Thumpers"!!!

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