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Kevin Johnson


I have been playing drums in a variety of bands and styles since 1984. I have also gone through many drum kits over those years. Recently I came to the conclusion that I needed to get a new snare drum. I am playing a Mapex Orion jazz series drum kit, but was still using my old Ludwig “metal” snare. I was really wanting to get a nice maple snare for a warmer, richer sound. I had seen the Thumper snare drums around in local stores for a while. Upon contacting John, he was very willing to meet with me to
review my needs for a new snare drum
. John and I met up and reviewed the style of music that I play along with what I was wanting out of a snare drum. We brain stormed and came up with the ultimate solution for my needs. I had John build me a 14” x 5.5” snare drum with 8 lugs for quick tuning. A few days later I went back to John’s and picked out a stain color.
"I love my snare drum!"
-Kevin Johnson

Approximately 1 week later, John called me and told me it was finished. I met with John to pick up my snare drum. It looked beautiful. I returned home and set it up with my drum kit. Let me tell you folks, I have not been happier with a snare drum. It meets and surpasses my needs. I play a mixed style of Jazz/Funk/Reggae/Surf/Latin/Rock all rolled into one. So I need a snare drum to fit multiple styles. John nailed it on the head. I love my snare drum. Not only does it look great with my drum kit, but sounds like heaven.
I would highly recommend John to build your drums due to his care and concern for his trade. Nothing like having a hands-on-involvement with building your own drums. Johns is great.Thanks, John. I love my snare!!!

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