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Thumper Custom 8 ply 6 x 14 snare drum
This snare should be an industry standard. This was the first snare I got from Thumper. I was so excited to test it out & see how it worked for me. I, of course, heard & played Thumper's drums before, but own-ing one was different. I naturally have heavy hands & play with thick oak sticks. I always have had a hard time keeping drums intune & intact, since they get the most punishment. There is nothing worse than paying top dollar for a "mainstream" name-brand drum that breaks on you & it's always some tiny part that ends up crippling your drum. You don't want to be thinking about" ...is my throw off going to break in the middle of this song?" It happens & it's hard to get your confidence back in your gear....leading to getting back-ups of back-ups. My Thumper snare has easily withstood the test. I recieved the snare later in the day & being so excited I went out to an all-night rehearsal spot I was renting at the time. I just wanted to play it a little & check out its' tuning capabilities...after all it was late & I had a regular day job to go to in the morning. Tuning went very fast! In a few minutes it already sounded great. I checked out the sound at both high & low tensions on both sides of the snare. The range was incredible & the sound never lost its' "body". Later, after playing more of his drums, I found all that was true for all of Thumper's drums. I think the main reason for that is their one-of-a-kind bearing edge. I ended up leaving 4 hours later because I couldn't stop playing!
"Tuning went very fast!"
-Mike Perkins


I brought it into a drum shop it against all the other snares & tried it with different kits. Snares retailing for $900 couldn't even come close to it. It works with every kind of kit & configuration! I could use the smae snare for all the different kinds of session work I do. I usually bring different drums to sessions to give different options, but the recording engineers & bands keep requesting that I use the Thumper snare. Don't be surprised to see Thumper Custom 8 ply snares being used 40 years from now.
You may contact me at mikeindrums@hotmail.com
Thumper Custom Drums

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