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Nick Sanchez

I sit here in my room wearing a pair of pants & a shirt that both have holes in them...but to my left sits my beautiful black Cherry drumset. I decided that having a new drumset was WAY more important than having new clothes, even though I may look homeless (Don't worry, new clothes were bought shortly after). Only one thought comes to mind when I think of Thumper. Amazing!!! This was by far the best life experience that I have had. Not only did I get a killer sounding set, I made two life-long friends. John & Pamm Jones are two of the nicest people you will ever meet in your entire life. This is a massive chunk of money to put down, but you feel extremely confident the entire ride thanks to John's outrageouse life stories & Pamm's constant email updates. I thought to myself, WOW! I haven't even recieved my drums yet & I am head-over-heals for this company. The day finally came when the drums arrived to my front door. I was like a little kid on Christmas morning. I took the drums out of the boxes @#*&#%*$&%^ was the first thing that came to my mind. They are outstanding!!! The color I had chosen was a match to DW's Black Cherry only this job blew DW'S finish out of the water. I had explained to John that I liked that color, but it had looked like someone had been eating a cherry "Jolly Rancher" & smeared it on the drum. This was not the case for these drums of mine. John's version of this color was deep & rich.
Thumper Custom Drums

I was quick to decide that this was by far the best drum set I have ever seen. Then it was time to play them. This is what sealed the deal. I couldn't believe the sound I was getting out of these drums!!! I mean I got a three piece kit for the price of about one bass drum from a mass quanity drum corporation...yet the sound from Thumper was greatly superior to those other sets. I took a second to come back to earth. I felt like the luckiest person in the world. This was a win-win situation for me. Since this experience, I have vowed that I will never go back to those other "things" called drums from other companies. Thumper is the only way to go! Since I have gone to school for recording & have been playing drums for a little over 14 years, I knew the best set is one that sounds good in a live situation as well as the studio. The choice was clear...Thumper is the only way to get your dream set up. Thanks, John & Pamm!!!

"I am head-over-heals for this company."-Nick Sanchez

You can reach Nick for discusion about drums at his email

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