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Richard Valdez

Every Thumper kit I’ve played is great and now I’m very proud to own one. It’s great to see a company that really cares not only for it’s quality drums but also their customers. I tell everyone I know about Thumper and I can’t stress enough about how much power you get from a thumper kit, and what a true sound that these drums have. I’ve recorded a couple albums with John’s kits and I have to say that I finally found a kit that fits my sound. It is very easy to play, easy to keep in tune, and most of all they have a very big sound, which is what I like! I will always put Thumper before any other drum manufacturer as long as I’m playing. I stand very solid behind the products John makes, like John says, “It’s all about the sound.” And I believe that very much! One thing that makes Thumper better then the rest is the fact that you have a person that knows, Understands, and cares more about quality more then quantity, which I think is very important and what every other manufacturer forgets about. You will not find better quality drums anywhere else!
"I tell everyone everyone I know about Thumper"-Richard Valdez
If you like to talk to Richard, he can be emailed at aggressive_drummer@hotmail.com
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