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Rick Bowen

“Thumper Custom Drums…where dreams come true!” -Rick Bowen

From the start John and I hit it off and agreed on all the aspects of what makes a real quality instrument. Together we are building the kit I dreamed up from scratch and having a ball doing it. John and Pamm are great people and I am privileged to call them friends.
Thumper Custom Drums

Ghostdance - - Ghostdance 1992
Soul Syndicate - - Strange Fascination 1993
TWO.A.M. - - Dogged 1997
George Schreck - - GS 1997
Mary Lydia Ryan - - self titled 1996

Ultra Violet Uforia – Event Horizon 1999
Hettel Street Blues - - self titled 2001
Liquid Voodoo -- self titled 2001

The JHM project 2001
The Combustion Collective – don’t play with fire 2001

Cohesion 2003

John Dolan Russell – Bombasticide 2006

Brenda Liberty –Torn Curtain-2006

Stonebender-Live at the Central-2006

Hettel Street Blues-Start It Up-2007

Rick J Bowen a drummer, vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, living in Everett, Washington. He grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, coming up playing in school band, choir and show bands, taking his first lessons from Norm Walker, who was a graduate of North Texas State. While At Western Michigan University Rick was able to spend two years in the rhythm section of Gold Company, a top college vocal jazz ensemble. After college Rick played in various rock and blues bands until he landed in Soul Syndicate, a blues/rock outfit who won the chance to open for Bad Company after taking first in WLAV’s “Baddest” band competition. Soul Syndicate went on to open for The Storm and Common Ground, and do club tours of the Midwest and east coast.

Moving to the Northwest eight years ago, Rick soon found the Seattle group Two A.M., a pop/rock group featuring a powerful vocal duo. This group enjoyed cruising the clubs of the NW and releasing a self produced CD in 1997.

Since leaving TWO A.M Rick has landed gigs and sessions with many diverse northwest artists: singer/songwriter types Melanie Fernandi , Mary Lydia Ryan, and Chris Stanley; show bands Moxie and Hettel Street Blues and HiWATT; the avant jazz with spoken word ensemble Liquid Voodoo featuring Jeffrey Beals of Junior Cadillac and as auxiliary percussionist for fusion band The Combustion Collective, and Blues Metal with Johnny Devol’s Stonebender.

Rick has also been teaching private lessons and group percussion classes for over fifteen years and volunteers in his daughters cooperative elementary school.

Always playing for the song and striving to be the backbone of the rhythm section has allowed Rick to flex his chops in a variety of genres.






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