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Steve Mendez

"I am so grateful to Thumper..."-Steve Mendez
We all know the old saying, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." Well, that only applies if you're making an omelet. Drums on the other hand are a totally different story. I first entertained the idea of refinishing my drums about 7 years ago. I got frustrated with having the ugliest kit on stage.This Ludwig double-bass kit was purchased by my parents over 27 years ago with no cases. Needless to say they took a real beating on the heads & the shells. One of them even tried to escape by jumping out on the highway from the back of my truck while leaving a gig. Memorial weekend 2005, I decided to take a chance & do a Google search on drum recovery. I had concert toms I wanted to convert to double-headed toms & the 14" had a serious gash on the bottom where it had hit the highway. Well, I found 4 different web sites. After speaking with them they either left me with a bad vibe or I felt the customer service was lacking something. The other choice was to buy something new that would probably not be what I really wanted. I was so frustrated.
Three days later I got a reply from Jim Leary who was answering emails for John Jones with Thumper Custom Drums. We get to talking & hit it off very well & he tells me they can do miracles.Then I get a call from John & he tells me about how his bearing edges smoke the competition & how I won't be able to recognize my kit by sight & the most important thing the sound!! Life is full of gambles & chances & so I took a chance.This was different. This was a guarantee & he more than delivered. I know John takes pide in his work. It's obvious to me every time I look at this kit & hear how good it sounds. I am so grateful to Thumper Drums for the excellent job they did. I get compliments all the time at shows & I get to inform the rest of the world who Thumper Custom Drums is. I've had the opportunity to play other high-end kits & they do not compare with my Thumpers. You're cheating yopurself if you don't give them a try. You can contact me at pitking1@hotmail.com.
Thumper Custom Drums


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