High quality drums for the working drummer.
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Specialty Drums
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Concert Toms
8 x 10, 9 x 12, 10 x 13,12 x 14, 13 x 15 & 16 x 16 Natural Satin Oil Finish 8 ply maple shells w/chrome hardware. These drums were built for the University Of California in Davis for their symphony orchestra.
Popcorn Snares
Shown on left:
6 x 10 maple shell with Confederate Flag Orange Satin Oil Finish & Black hardware. Features a Nickel Piston Throw-off & 2.3mm rims.

Shown on right:
6 x 12 maple shell with Yellow Satin Oil Finish & chrome hardware. Featuring an Ayotte Rack & Pinion Throw-off & 2.3mm rims.
Thumper Custom Drums
Piccolo Snares
Shown on left:
3.5 x 14 maple shell with Purple Satin Oil Finish &
brass hardware. featuring an Ayotte Rack and
Pinion Throw-off & 2.3mm rims.

Shown on right:
3.5 x 13 Segmented White Ash (Louisville Slugger baseball-bat wood) in a Natural Satin Oil Finish with an Ayotte Rack & Pinion Throw-off & chrome hardware-2.3mm rims. 2000 Snare Drum Olympics 2nd place winner
Shown on left--12 x 6 & 14 x 8 maple shells in a "Barney-Brown" Satin Oil Finish & balck hardware-2.3mm rims. Cut at a 30 degree angle for focused sound projection.
Shown on right--18 x 8 & 22 x 6 maple shells with "Champagne Sparkle" wrap & chrome hardware-2.3mm rims. Traditional sraight cut.
Cannister Thrones
Shown on left--20 x 13 maple shell with "White Marine Pearl"wrap & custom made leather seat.
Shown on right--22 x 14 "Vintage Black Oystert" wrap & matching leather seat w/chrome studs.
Our cannister thrones are constructed of 10 ply maple shells & seat cushions are secured with anvil flight case latches. Can be fitted with single grip handle for double-duty as an extra case to carry sticks & hardware accessories.

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